We Are Konichigram


The first thing you should know about us is that we are always late. But there’s a good reason for that which we’ll come back to, but first...

What we do:

We make your job easier by helping your business or brand hit targets and achieve measurable results through the use of Instagram as a communication tool.

How we do it:

We’re better at Instagram than any other agency in Australia because our team is constantly testing, learning, and evolving with the platform to better understand how to get the best results.

Why we are different:

Back to that point about being late, we’re never so late as to the point of making our clients frustrated, but quite often we’re a little behind schedule because we don’t clock watch on our clients. Instead, we watch results, and we keep working until we deliver our promises.

Why we exist:

We’re here to make our clients’ jobs easier. That means we aim to be easy to work with, transparent, and very honest. We’d like to say that we’re fun to work with, at least that’s what we’ve been told. The traditional agency model of huge staff rosters, fancy offices, and overpaid execs never appealed to us; that’s why we created Konichigram to be an un-agency. As an un-agency we’re lean, and we’re nimble, that means we can change tack quickly, and achieve cost efficiencies that big agencies can’t while having a network of on-call experts whom the big end of town could never attract into their corporate offices.  

We also exist to be a great company to work for and a positive member of the community. We offer our staff flex hours and locations, we share lunch together every day, and having an office 200 metres from the most famous beach in Australia means we all get in the ocean a couple of times per week. We choose to do what we can to lessen the impact of our business activity and in doing so hopefully we set an example for what other businesses can achieve. Our goal is to become a certified @bcorporation before the end of 2018.