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Sparkling Water

Konichigram worked closely with the great Aussie sparkling water to grow their Instagram account over a two year period. Together, we created some truly beautiful content, built a trusting rapport with our online community, and managed to reach over 60,000 followers. 

What we achieved...

• Gained 60,000 unique followers over 24 months

• Average 461 new followers per week

•#1 Sparkling Water Brand on Instagram in Australia


• 2% Engagement rate (on par with Industry average)

• Sampled 20,000 bottles in Melbourne

•Captured 2500 emails

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Konichgram over the last year. It’s great to work with such a professional, diligent and creative agency and it’s a bonus the whole team are friendly, down to earth, making them a pleasure to work with. Konichgram have taken CAPI’s instagram from 3000 to 25,000 in 10 months which in an incredible effort and something we’re very proud about. CAPI now has the second largest following in Australia in the mineral water/mixer space, which is a great milestone and within no time we will be #1. The Konichigram team have successfully implemented a consistent strategy, tone of voice, aesthetic and weekly reporting which was something we were previously lacking. What’s been most impressive, is that Andrew and Jordan have gone above and beyond to understand the CAPI business on a deeper level, which I think is very rare in a lot of agencies nowadays. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Konichigram for many more years to come
— Jordyn Evans - Marketing Manager