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Interview with Dave Olteanu



Dave isn't just your average artist. Hailing from Terrigal on NSW's sunny Central Coast, he's also an avid user of Instagram and a tattooist. Using his powers with a tattoo gun for good, with the help of his Instagram account, Dave promotes his work and documents what he has created.

He took some time to tell us a little bit about what Instagram has meant to him and his business! 

Why did you first created your account?

Originally I created it because it was a new app and it seemed as though a lot of artists and free thinking people were using it.


One of Dave's recent tee designs.

One of Dave's recent tee designs.

Why do you think that so many people follow and like what you do?

To be honest I'm not completely sure, I know as an illustrator my artwork is really popular and that leads to people wanting tattoos of that art. Sometimes being associated with the right people at the right time can also get you a lot of exposure at the start up of your account.


Do you set goals for yourself through Instagram? If so, what are they?

I think in the beginning I just wanted to record my life somewhere that I could look back at it years later, then I realised pretty soon that it's a great way to promote my art. That being said the only goals I set for myself is to constantly produce new art for my clients and followers to see.

I think it helps me push myself to learn new techniques and produce new art.
— Dave Olteanu

There may not be a real way to define a “good” Instagram account, but what do you think is essential for Instagram success?

That is a really really hard question, personally I just do my art and put it up for people to see and I'm lucky to have found a network of people that have similar tastes to me and find something in my art that they like.

"3 Eyes"- Dave Olteanu for INKJECTA 2015

How much time do you put in each week on Instagram?

Honestly I'll look at it every day, I get constant inspiration from the people I follow on there whether it's art or motorbikes or just life in general. As far as work goes I only really use it when I need to post a fresh tattoo or piece of art.


You must get countless comments, or DM’s on Instagram from your followers, what’s been the weirdest or funniest that you’ve received?

Oh man I wish I had something funny but the only funny thing I get asked constantly is to come to another country to tattoo. Along the same lines I get a heap of messages from people not realising Australia isn't a part of America or Europe haha.


Technology is changing like crazy, what do you think the future holds for Instagram, and those who are Insta-famous?

Well I guess Instagram will just continue to grow until the next social media wave takes hold as far as Insta-famous people well I guess it depends on what they are famous for. If they are offering something with merit and showing people something interesting they should have long lasting Insta fame, whatever that is haha.

When did you create your Instagram account?

I started my Instagram 242 weeks ago. 


What’s the number one problem you face when using Instagram as an app/service?

There really isn't too many problems with the app at the moment, the benefits definitely outweigh the few there are. I'd say the thing I run into the most is theft of my art, you would hope a artists/tattooers would have a little more class and respect than that but it happens a lot. Disappointing, but one of the pitfalls of social media. 


Have you represented charities/causes/or political views on Instagram?

I'm not a big fan of people ramming their views down my throat so I try not do it to others. If there's anything like that I usually try to convey it through my art.

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