Pimm's Picnic

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Bondi Picnic

In the late half of 2017 we created the Pimm's Photo Classic, a photography competition that inspired Instagram user's to shoot beautiful Pimm's imagery for the chance to win in a $6k giveaway . A Pimm's Picnic was awarded to one winner and eight of their friends. Pimm's has been the purveyor of prime picnics since 1823 so it was safe to expect a success. The sumptuous soirée took place amongst the greenery of Bondi Hardware's backyard who also catered the event. Konichigram saw this event through from planning through to execution, enlisting the help of George &Smee's lovely props.  




During the secret Pimm’s-hideaway we piloted a new photography concept we've dubbed "Airdrop Photo". 

It’s pretty simple, we take pictures of people enjoying Pimm’s and share that content with them right then and there. No more waiting to receive the images the next day. Using Airdrop we share high quality images to attendees phones whilst the event is still happening.


Why? People are more likely to post to Instagram if they have access to the content, so we make it our priority and share it with them. It worked too, of the eight guests attending four posted about the event using our content, the venue, event + communication agencies also shared within 24 hrs of the event taking place, Increasing the activations reach to 120K. 


It proved a great way to manage brand image and create a buzz, we are excited to run this concept in a larger setting.